The Secret to Reverse Engineering the Ideal Client

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“Here’s the question you must answer: ‘Am I seeking, contacting and communicating with the right people?’ When you serve the right people, everything lines up and business grows exponentially”  - Chas Wilson pg. 42, Five+ One

Not all clients are created equal. (I said this in my last post about getting more customers)

If you had a database of 1000 random people or 1000 ideal people, which would convert better? Which would you enjoy serving more? The answer is clear.

But for most of us, finding the ideal client is harder in real life than the exercise of writing it down on paper.

Over the past 6 years of consulting business owners, I’ve stumbled into what I believe is the best way to identify and proactively find these ideal clients. Let me share that with you here.

*Warning: this will require a shift in your mindset.

Most of the time, when asked to clarify our ideal client, we list things closer to the transaction like “qualified”, “Can afford it”, “People who __insert things you’ve said in the past here__”.  You might even narrow it further with “Men” or “Women” who “make X amount per year” between “28 and 55 years old” etc. And that’s fine. It’s a starting point.

But for this to really work, I want you to look away from your business and what you sell and look to your own passions and what lights you up.

I believe what makes a client “ideal” is that they trust us and connect with us deeply from the beginning. In other words, they come into the relationship taking our lead, following our advice, looking to us for perspective. And the way to create that trust isn’t by telling them how good you are at what you do or trying to frame your product in a way that your demographic can relate to. You create that trust by having something in common with them.

That’s it. That’s the secret I stumbled into. Have something in common with them.

Have you noticed that when you meet someone who likes what you like, you hit if off like you’ve been friends for years. Trust is immediately present though they’ve hardly met you.

If you know what I’m talking about then you are ready for the next piece of this secret.

Most businesses try to be all things to all people because we think more people means more sales. But that’s not actually how it works.

I need you to narrow your focus. In fact, I need you to pick ONE passion, ONE interest, that you could talk about all day and all week long and never run out of things to say. THAT topic is what you want to build a tribe around. That becomes your “Point of Connection”.

Let’s say you have a heart for parenting (Insert your passion here). Now, you could build a database of 1000 random people (or even people who are 28-55 years old, who make $75,000+ a year, who live in your city and have bought products like yours before), or you could build a database of 1000 people who also have a passion for parenting. Which database of people will you have a more instant connection with?

Maybe your passion is fitness. Maybe it’s DIY. Maybe it’s instapots. Maybe Cancer awareness.

When you find others who have just as big a passion as you for the topic that inspires you, you have the beginnings of the ideal client.

Let’s add to this. Now that you have a “Point of Connection” you can add in those other details from before. So now you say your ideal client is someone who is interested in parenting WHO ALSO is 28-55 years old, makes $75,000+ a year who lives in your city and likes to buy the kinds of things you sell.

Can you see (or feel) the difference in CONNECTION by adding a “Point of Connection”?

Ok. Here’s where this gets really strategic for marketing.

I want you to build your database full of just these people. Why? Because:

  • You can find them easily in Facebook Ads Manager.

  • You now know what kind of content to create on a weekly basis that would be interesting and relevant to them so that they engage with you

  • You can more easily predict what kind of information you can invite them to opt-in to your database for.

  • Marketing with a relevant message to these people DRAMATICALLY decreases the cost of your advertising and DRAMATICALLY increases the conversion when they’re ready to buy. A “Point of Connection” is what makes your marketing resonate with people who otherwise would tune you out.

This is how you grow a database of thousands of these ideal clients. Now you don’t have to be all things to all people. Now you feel genuine and valuable in your marketing because you know who you’re talking to.

“But Chris, I sell widgets. If I talk about parenting in my content, what does that have to do with what I sell?”

I get asked that question all the time.

I was speaking at Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and asked the audience what they were passionate about. A lady said “Empowering women”. I asked her what she sold. She said “leggings”. So I asked her, “What percent of women have leggings in their future?”

She laughed and said “a lot”.

Do you see? The sale will come. You are in a battle for attention and you will earn that attention much faster if you connect as a human, upstream from trying to sell them something.

I don’t care if you sell Ice Cream, or Shoes, or Insurance… if you can connect with others like you who have an interest in parenting __or insert your passion here__, then my question to you is “How many parents have ice cream/shoes/insurance in their future?”

Your job is to find those you can connect with the fastest and easiest SUCH THAT trust is present immediately. That only happens when you share a world view; when you come from the same tribe; the “Parenting” tribe or the “DIY” tribe or the “I survived cancer” tribe. A tribe knows its own. Being from the tribe, of the tribe, is the fastest way past the gatekeeper and the filters. It’s your ticket to earning their attention in a noisy, crowded marketplace.

Everyone sells insurance. Not every insurance person leads with their passion for parenting and lets you see that side of them. If you also have a passion for parenting, this insurance agent will capture your attention.

Do you see how this works?

A database of 1000 tribe members will be WAY more productive and enjoyable than the database you’re currently tolerating.

The secret to reverse engineering your ideal client, where people come to you instead of you having to chase and convince them, is to lead with your passion and find those who share that same passion.

Chris Angell is the founder of Groundswell Business Consulting, a boutique consulting firm and marketing agency that makes content marketing fun and easy.

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