Prospecting Versus Marketing

By : Celeste Smith |August 08, 2017 |Blog |0 Comment



Most people are familiar with prospecting in network marketing. It is the backbone of the business. However, many are not so familiar with marketing. Both have their advantages, but both have different methods of delivery.

Prospecting is like fishing with a fishing rod. You are casting a line and reeling in prospects one at a time in a very targeted way. It’s when you initiate a conversation with the intention of seeing if the person with whom you’re speaking is a “fit” for your product or service. Basically, you’re trying to create a business interaction, ultimately leading to a sale or a conversation about joining your business.

Marketing is like casting a fishing net to haul in a large number of prospects quickly. Due to the learning curve involved it is more complicated to implement and duplicate. However, it has its advantages.

Both of these marketing directions leverage the power of attraction marketing.

You see, you are either branding yourself though producing valuable content that you then inject into the marketplace to give solutions and leave them wanting more….or else, you are positioning yourself as the go-to people expert.

For quickest results, not only should you be doing active prospecting, but you should also heavily focus on sharing inspiring results, which, of course, encourages people to reach out to you passively.

Stay tuned. Later this week we will talk about some problems that can arise from both of these methods… and the solutions that will help you become a successful prospector and marketer.

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