Health Care Benefits

Aliera Colonial Life

We are very pleased to announce the availability of health benefits and voluntary benefits for Master Networks Members.*

We are offering:

  • comprehensive health plan for members and their families at incredible group rates

  • accident insurance

  • guaranteed issue critical illness

  • dental

  • vision

  • guaranteed issue life insurance


For more details about the Aliera Health Care Plan, click here.

Because the other benefits are state specific, you will only be able to see the details once you are a Master Networks member.

 Important Dates and Info

June 1 – June 15

The products will be offered to all active members during this online digital enrollment.  Details about the plans will be available during this time frame via online enrollment modules.

If you choose not to enroll during this time, a benefit of this plan is perpetual enrollment. However, there is a monthly enrollment cut off date (the 15th of every month) which will determine your benefits start date. Here is an example:

- enrollment date = Sept. 5th, benefits start Oct. 1

- enrollment date = Sept. 20th, benefits start Nov. 1

July 1

If you enroll by June 15th, this will be the effective date for all benefits.


If you want to take advantage of the benefits listed above, we invite you to become a Master Networks member.  Here is how to join:

- If your membership has been inactive for less than 60 days, please give us a call at 972-294-5740

- If you would like to become a member or your membership has been inactive for more than 60 days, click here to sign up.  You can choose to sign up as a member of a chapter again or you can become a Friend of Master Networks (this option is in the Chapter drop down menu when you enroll).  A “Friend” has all the benefits of membership, however, you are not required to attend chapter meetings.


*States not available:  MD

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