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Everyone who studies or teaches or practices leadership knows that leaders make a profound difference in moments of crisis; in periods of intense change; in the early stages of an effort; in reinvigorating an initiative that has stalled. These are moments that call for extraordinary leadership, under what we would call extraordinary circumstances. There is a lot of attention paid to leaders who step into extraordinary challenges. Less attention is paid to the day-to-day leadership moments, which simply because of their frequency, can have an enormous impact on whether a leader or an organization is successful.

The majority of business leaders apply their skills in more routine interactions. These are the situations and challenges that appear daily: when leaders have to balance complex people dynamics and business dynamics; where leaders need to have perspective beyond their task or function; where leaders have to take a risk because there is limited information about the path forward. These are “leadership leverage” moments: the situations where effective leadership skills will dramatically impact business results and where leaders need to consciously focus on leading effectively.

Check out this excerpt from this week’s Training Tidbit:

“For entrepreneurs, leverage is the door of opportunity. Nearly all veteran business
owners have used leverage to get their businesses to the level of success they desire.
The belief that “one person alone can do anything significant” is a myth. The best do
not build in isolation.

In business, leverage simply means getting things done through other people. The right
people with the right talent doing the right things can cause productivity to expand and
profitability to explode. It’s a beautiful thing, and the sooner you embrace this concept
the faster you will get where you want to go.”

Everyone starts as a specialist and builds their foundation with a strong suite of specialty skills, but at a critical juncture, every young leader has to expand their perspective to lead and champion a breadth of activities far beyond their technical skills. As the business grows, founders can’t be everywhere at once or aware of what’s happening at every level throughout the organization. That’s where the leadership team comes in. Gain insight on what different departments and employees are thinking and feeling, what programs are working well and which need to be rethought and stay informed on different operations.

Leaders have to see far beyond today and far beyond their expertise. Leverage your team’s detailed view of its business to improve, inform and drive plans for growth. This team exists to help boost the leader to the next level of operating the company. So, if you’re the leader, help team members do exactly that.

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