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When created correctly, lead capture pages can be a great continual source of prospects for a business.  When creating your page you need to determine who you are targeting.  Are you getting new customers or repeat customers who might be interested in other products or services you might offer? Once you know whom you are targeting, define and create a relevant reward. This should be something that will be of interest to your target audience. E-books, Webinars, and consultations are always of great value to your contacts.

You will want to ensure your headline is one that will capture people’s attention and draw them in for more information. Along with the headline, your opening paragraph should be short, persuasive and descriptive.  Don’t be too creative here, you want them to know exactly what you are offering.  Adding a video or image to your lead capture page is not always necessary. However, if you were giving away an E-book an image of the front cover would be beneficial.

Lead capture pages are available in all three Next Level Suite accounts. If you have an account and have not used them yet, start implementing them today.  If you do not have an account sign up for your free trial and see where it can take you.


Sherry Sonnenberg

Director of Sales & Marketing at Next Level Suite

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