Glass Ceiling

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We have heard about the glass ceiling and perhaps you have experienced it in the past or are experiencing it as you read this. This is the invisible barrier that prevents you from reaching your Next Level. It can be related to a fear of the unknown. If I take this next step what will happen? Will I fall on my face? Will others laugh at me and say “I told you so”? Too often we operate based on fear, which creates this glass ceiling and prevents us from breaking through it. This time of year it is easy to say, “I’ll work on that after the first of the year.” By making these comments we are creating our own glass ceilings.

Thinking things will magically change after the New Year or pushing off implementing a new system will only delay our challenges. Our calendars begin to fill up leaving us less time putting systems and procedures into place that can actually lighten our load. Our fear of change is quickly forgotten when we begin to implement automation into our routine. Knowing our leads are automatically followed up with and all of our new prospects have heard from us will automatically lighten our load and reduce time spent worrying. Use the end of 2015 to make your breakthroughs so you are soaring high when 2016 hits. Schedule your no obligation private demonstration or begin your free trial

Sherry Sonnenberg

Director of Sales & Marketing at Next Level Suite

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