The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

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By Guest Blogger Chris Angell 

“The fortune is in the follow-up. I have learned in my business that most, if not all, of my competition fails to follow-up.  You will win or lose in the follow-up. Communication is your chance to provide additional information and education.” – Chas Wilson pg. 62

I always hated follow-up. It was time consuming and it felt needy. If they didn’t buy from me the first time, I wasn’t going to chase them or beg them. If they couldn’t see the value then it was their loss.

Except… that is was my loss.

I was good with people when I was in front of them. But follow-up felt forced. I didn’t know what to say on their voice mail or in an email. “Hey, do you want to buy yet?” See. That feels forced.

Over the years I’ve honed what works for me and now through my agency help others to follow-up in a way that works authentically for them. Here’s the secret to follow-up that isn’t needy, adds value and positions you as the authentic expert…

Have a conversation with someone about all the Frequently Asked Questions people have about your product, service or industry and record it on video.

I have found that the biggest hurdle to entrepreneurs getting into video is it feels unnatural. However, conversations are natural and easy. When someone asks you about your product or service or industry it’s very easy for you to talk to them. Most people know they should be doing more with video. This is the fastest path to you creating helpful, authentic and engaging video.

“But what equipment do I need? I’m not great with technology.”

That’s okay. Can you hit record on your smartphone? Using a tripod and a simple external microphone that plugs into your phone (I like this one for $12 on Amazon), you’re good to go.

“But who will ask me these questions?”

First make a list of all the questions you get asked or that are asked in your industry. Then simply have someone like a friend, coworker or Master Networks member ask you these questions. Don’t rush your answers and keep it conversational. It would be best if the person you have ask you the questions is easy to talk to.

For ease of editing just hit record for each new question. Within 20 minutes you could have 5 to 10 FAQs recorded.

“How do I use these FAQs in my follow up?”

There are 2 ways I would use these FAQ videos.

First I would create a blog post out of them. Upload the video to your YouTube channel and then embed that video in a blog post on your site. Your blog post doesn’t need to be more than 500 words (you don’t have to write on your blog post at all if you don’t want to). I would broadcast email your database once a week with your latest FAQ video. Your database may not be current leads, but as they watch your videos, it’s highly probable that it will spark a referral or that they forward it to a friend who needs you services.

Second, I would send an email per FAQ to your current prospects who haven’t purchased everyday to every couple days (you decide what feels comfortable to you). In the email, link them back to your blog post so they’re on your site and can browse after they watch if they get curious enough.

Final suggestion… always make sure you have an invitation back into your sales cycle at the end of your blog post. This could be a link back to a capture page or a checkout page. Use this FAQ post to re-engage your people.

Follow-up doesn’t have to be “do you want to buy yet?” Follow-up can add value, educate and even move the sale along when you come from a place of contribution. The fortune is in the follow-up!

Do you have questions about the strategies mentioned in this post? Leave a comment below and I’ll circle back to answer your questions.

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