We’re excited to announce our BRAND NEW PODCAST!

By : Chas Wilson |April 03, 2018 |Blog |0 Comment

We’re so excited to announce our first episode of our brand new podcast, Connect Share Prosper! Check out the video of our first episode and find and subscribe to us on iTunes! Google Play and Stitcher are coming soon.

But first, a few quick notes on this week’s episode…

Face to Face Meetings

The magic of building your network is not what you are doing in your group networking events
but what happens outside of them. One crucial part of that is having face to face meetings with
the people you are trying to form relationships with.

Be Intentional

You have to be diligent about scheduling your meetings. Try to “stack” them which means putting a few back to back on the same day. This plays into your time management and allows you to also plan introductions between other people that you are getting to know.

The B.O.N.D.Method

This method is covered in “Five Plus One: The Entrepreneurs Formula for Success”. One of the
major takeaways is to focus on connection. You need to focus on them, this will help establish
that relationship. Be curious ask things like where someone grew up or how did they get into
the business that they are in. Use a follow up question like “Could you tell me more about
that?”. You can also try to ask about their competition. Thinking about those questions will help
thinking about strategy.

Always follow up!

As you actively listen and are looking for opportunities to help, make sure that you follow up so
that you don’t lose momentum.
Take Action Now!

1. Go get “Five Plus One: The Entrepreneurs Formula for Success”
2. Learn about B.O.N.D.
3. Take action and schedule a meeting with someone.
4. Join a Master Networks chapter and get involved.


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