Harvey Disaster Relief




In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Master Networks Members all across the country are rallying together to provide immediate care and support for families in need, as well as the weeks to come. Though we will be accepting general donations of items and monetary value, our main focus is to seek out individual families who have been impacted by the devastation of the Hurricane. To that end, we are starting an Adopt-a-Family program.

Master Networks has always been a family and we want to extend a helping hand to our families and friends in need. We will be partnering with our regions to provide direct assistance to these families by providing supplies, cleanup help, and other support.

If you are a Master Networks member and would like to offer support, be on a team, or assist in any other way, please fill out our form at our How Can I Help page. We will need people to volunteer time, resources, and visit the

Our hearts are heavy and the coming months will be difficult, but we don’t want you to have to deal with this alone.

Please call us at Headquarters for any further information or email us at support@masternetworks.net.

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