Connect Share Prosper Episode 5 – The Art of Connecting

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Chas Wilson – Episode 5 – Show Notes – Connect, Share, Prosper


Master Networks Connect

Mastering the art of connecting is critical.

In this episode, I will take you through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced skills in order to utilize the bond method for building relationships.  The bond method focuses on creating common interest in order to develop deep, long-lasting alliances.

The most important relationships in our lives take time to cultivate, as do our business relationships.  I want to stress the importance of slowing down, getting to know the person, and asking the right questions.  All of this will help to forge bonds that can last forever.

While we all understand the importance of commonality in developing bonds, these skills go much deeper than simply finding common ground. Stay curious, be genuine, ask deeper levels of questions.

Doing these simple things, in addition to showing a true interest in the person and their pursuits, are the first steps to establishing opportunities for your client and for yourself.

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Getting the Most Out of Connect

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“You’re one event away from changing your future.” - Adapted from Chas Wilson’s quote… “You’re one relationship away from changing your future.”

 By Chris Angell

Conferences can be one of the most lucrative events in your entire year and with Connect 2018 fast approaching you’ll want to be prepared to seize the moment.

Here are 9 ways to make sure you get the most from Connect and any other event you attend this year…




1. Write out or revisit your goals for the year. Journaling your goals can help you focus in on the right breakout sessions and activate your radar for the right contacts and opportunities while at Connect.


2. Think about what you want the event to do for you. Are you wanting to make some sales? Are are you trying to find some referrals sources? Maybe you’re about to expand your content marketing with an awesome podcast or interview show and need some guests you can interview. The question to ask is “How can this event help me get closer to my goals this year?”


3. Write out 3 goals for the event. Once you get clear about How you want the event to help you, try to make it tangible by writing 3 goals for the event. For example, here’s one of mine: “I want to find 30 people who are hungry to 10x their sales in a fun, consistent and genuine way with my done-AS-you marketing service.”


During the Event


4. Pick Breakout sessions that support your goals. One of my favorite parts of an event is breakout sessions. Finding topics specific to your goals can accelerate your entire year. For example, if you’re looking for a way to expand your influence quickly and efficiently to make more sales, a breakout session on content marketing would be a strategic session for you to attend. (Side note: If that’s you, I’m leading a breakout session on content marketing called “Content That Connects”. You’re invited)


5. Note the most important insights and ideas as you go. When I was young, I just took notes throughout an event. After the event was over I had a ton of notes that were hard to decipher. Over the years I discovered if I put a little star next to the ideas that I really wanted to implement, it was easier after the event to collect my action items and prepare a plan. Find the trick that works for you but definitely create an easy way to spot your breakout ideas as you write them down.


6. Connect with others you don’t know and create opportunities using BOND. Again, when I was young my favorite part of conferences were the speakers and the information. But as I got older, I found the networking was much more profitable. Look for those who are big thinkers and for those who are playing a big game. Build on common interests with them. Explore their occupation and dive into their needs by asking about their goals and challenges. Listen for where you could develop opportunities. And make notes in your journal or phone so you remember how best to follow up.




7. Write your Aha’s on your way home before you go back to work.  This is where I consolidate my best ideas from the event. List them out on their own sheet of paper. Extra credit if you share them with your Master Networks Chapter – you’ll be seen as a leader for the value you add.


8. Structure all your Aha’s into a simplified 135 (or find where your Aha’s fit in your current 135). With your ideas consolidated, give them structure and make them actionable by putting them into your plan. Remember a 135 stands for 1 Objective or Primary Goal, 3 Strategies to get to that goal and 5 Tactics inside of each Strategy. Over time I’ve actually turned my 1-3-5’s into a 1-3-Many where I list all relevant ideas under one of my three strategies to get to my goal. This way they live there for me to revisit at a later date if they’re not applicable right now.


9. Follow up with opportunities you created at Connect. Finally, the fortune is in the follow up. You’ll want to send specific, custom messages to those you met at Connect. But I also think you’ll want an efficient, value added way to follow up as well. My breakout session on Content That Connects is a powerful and efficient way to follow up that compliments your one-on-one custom follow ups.


Events one of the best investments in your business if you focus your energies before, during and after. I wish you the best at Connect this year. Come say “Hi” at my breakout session or find me at my sponsor booth outside the keynote sessions. You’re one event away from changing your future.


*Chris Angell is co-host of the new Master Networks podcast called “Connect, Share, Prosper” available on Apple Podcasts, or Google Play. He is leading a breakout session at Connect called “Content That Connects”  You can learn more about his boutique marketing agency that makes marketing fun, easy and genuine ←– here.


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3 Tools to Correct Stinkin’ Thinkin’

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Guest Blogger: Chris Angell


“As business owners and leaders, we are the creative designers of our ventures. We are the architects of our future. We do this most effortlessly by mastering the first discipline of business: THINKING.”  - Chas Wilson pg. 14, Five+ One

Being in business is a mentally tough journey. Despite our best efforts to stay positive, the mind can be a dark and snarky place. If we don’t master how we think, our thinking can delay or destroy the business and life we set out to create.

I’ve always been a positive person but nothing has stolen my joy more than running my own business. From managing people who disappoint to tight financial seasons or even your own judgement that you should be further than you currently are… keeping a sharp, constructive and positive mind is an non-stop act of counter-balancing.

It takes real honesty and self-awareness to acknowledge where your thinking falls short. It would be easy to just numb out scary thoughts with your guilty pleasure. I would assert that many in business do. We put on our “I have it all together” suits and go out to lead the world. So many of us don’t want to look in the shadows where our stinkin’ thinkin’ lives. And that becomes a lid on our growth and our joy.

The good news? While you don’t always control your first thought, you can control your second thought. Accessing a better mindset on command is your ticket to everything you envision for your life. Everything.

Here are 3 tools that I use to help me stop my stinkin’ thinkin’ in its tracks and create a new frame of mind.


I have used journaling the longest. Everyone does journaling different and you need to find what works for you. I don’t use it like a diary or memoir. I like to simply get my thoughts out on paper. It’s where I go to think. Sometimes I lead with my fear, frustration or negative self talk and write that down. Sometimes I ask a question I’m wrestling with. And then I just write the thoughts that come to me. Often I’ll add clarifying questions in my journal and then go back to writing the thoughts that come.

Leaving these thoughts inside my head often leave me feeling stuck. This process of getting the thoughts out of my head helps me get unstuck by confronting what’s there. Like the boogie man, it’s better to turn on the lights and see for yourself that he’s not really there than to stay in the darkness and fear where your mind can escalate the fear.


I wasn’t always a reader. It wasn’t until getting into business that I found my ravenous reader. But not all books are constructive for pulling you out of a funk. In fact, some books can push you further down. For me, How To books just make my To Do list longer, which can increase the snarky dialogue in my head, which causes me to feel more behind and less accomplished than maybe I really am.

The kind of books that really pull me out of a mental funk are the ones that speak to my soul. They put me in touch with the bigger picture and center me in my own power. Sometimes these are business books (Seth Godin books often do this for me). But more often they’re spiritual and self help books. Some of my favorite authors are Wayne Dyer, Gary Zukov and Neale Donald Walsch. When I’m feeling stuck, I will often go back to the same books and reread them.

You’ll have your own style of books and authors that stop stinkin’ thinkin’ in it tracks. Chances are you’ve already read some and if you go back in time you can feel how those books put you back into your power.


Podcasts are similar to books for me in that certain ones connect me back to my power. Again, How-To types of content can be good when I’m in productive mode, but can derail me when I’m dealing with negative thoughts.

One of the reasons I really like podcasts is that I can listen to them in the car or on my daily walks. As I listen, it’s like my brain presses pause on the negative “I feel stuck” dialogue and begins to fill with inspiration and empowered perspective. By the end of the podcast I am reoriented to my power and the negative thoughts have evaporated into thin air.

You’ll want to find a couple podcasts that connect you to your power and remind you of who you are and why you’re here. Then when you feel stuck in your thoughts, go back to these special podcasts and let them help return you to power.


Stinkin’ thinkin’ comes from a lack of empowered perspective. These 3 tools can be your epipen when you’re falling down the mental death spiral. If you don’t currently have these tools in place, play with them and find the ones that connect you to your power. We’re all geniuses. All of us are powerful. Feeling that power jump starts our vision and perspective, putting us back in the driver’s seat of our business and life.

*Looking to increase referrals? Maybe our done-for-you marketing service is a fit. You can check it out here.

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The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

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By Guest Blogger Chris Angell 

“The fortune is in the follow-up. I have learned in my business that most, if not all, of my competition fails to follow-up.  You will win or lose in the follow-up. Communication is your chance to provide additional information and education.” – Chas Wilson pg. 62

I always hated follow-up. It was time consuming and it felt needy. If they didn’t buy from me the first time, I wasn’t going to chase them or beg them. If they couldn’t see the value then it was their loss.

Except… that is was my loss.

I was good with people when I was in front of them. But follow-up felt forced. I didn’t know what to say on their voice mail or in an email. “Hey, do you want to buy yet?” See. That feels forced.

Over the years I’ve honed what works for me and now through my agency help others to follow-up in a way that works authentically for them. Here’s the secret to follow-up that isn’t needy, adds value and positions you as the authentic expert…

Have a conversation with someone about all the Frequently Asked Questions people have about your product, service or industry and record it on video.

I have found that the biggest hurdle to entrepreneurs getting into video is it feels unnatural. However, conversations are natural and easy. When someone asks you about your product or service or industry it’s very easy for you to talk to them. Most people know they should be doing more with video. This is the fastest path to you creating helpful, authentic and engaging video.

“But what equipment do I need? I’m not great with technology.”

That’s okay. Can you hit record on your smartphone? Using a tripod and a simple external microphone that plugs into your phone (I like this one for $12 on Amazon), you’re good to go.

“But who will ask me these questions?”

First make a list of all the questions you get asked or that are asked in your industry. Then simply have someone like a friend, coworker or Master Networks member ask you these questions. Don’t rush your answers and keep it conversational. It would be best if the person you have ask you the questions is easy to talk to.

For ease of editing just hit record for each new question. Within 20 minutes you could have 5 to 10 FAQs recorded.

“How do I use these FAQs in my follow up?”

There are 2 ways I would use these FAQ videos.

First I would create a blog post out of them. Upload the video to your YouTube channel and then embed that video in a blog post on your site. Your blog post doesn’t need to be more than 500 words (you don’t have to write on your blog post at all if you don’t want to). I would broadcast email your database once a week with your latest FAQ video. Your database may not be current leads, but as they watch your videos, it’s highly probable that it will spark a referral or that they forward it to a friend who needs you services.

Second, I would send an email per FAQ to your current prospects who haven’t purchased everyday to every couple days (you decide what feels comfortable to you). In the email, link them back to your blog post so they’re on your site and can browse after they watch if they get curious enough.

Final suggestion… always make sure you have an invitation back into your sales cycle at the end of your blog post. This could be a link back to a capture page or a checkout page. Use this FAQ post to re-engage your people.

Follow-up doesn’t have to be “do you want to buy yet?” Follow-up can add value, educate and even move the sale along when you come from a place of contribution. The fortune is in the follow-up!

Do you have questions about the strategies mentioned in this post? Leave a comment below and I’ll circle back to answer your questions.

*Don’t want to do this on your own? Maybe our done-for-you service is a fit. You can check it out here.

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I am not a salesperson

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Many entrepreneurs have said “I am not a salesperson.”

When I ask what they mean and why they think that, I usually get a response like “Sales people are pushy and that’s just not me.”

Sure.  Some people in sales can be “pushy”, but being pushy is not part of sales.  As entrepreneurs, we must recognize first and foremost we are in sales.  We must sell our vision to our team so they will support the cause, we must sell our business to the bank for funding, we must sell our ideas to family for buy-in, and we must sell our products or services to customers.

We must find more ways to attract more business.  No matter how good our product or service may be, unless we have customers our venture will not succeed. We must master the process of sales!

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The Power of a National Organization

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I was recently visiting the Denver area and had the opportunity to visit (as a guest) a local networking group not affiliated with Master Networks.  During the meeting we went around the room to tell the group how they could refer us and what type of client we were looking for.

One of the women stood up and said, “I am looking for a realtor in Florida to help sell my new husbands home.  We have already used two and have not had success in selling our home.”

I asked, “Where in Florida?”  She responded “Cape Coral.”

I said that I had an excellent real estate agent that I personally had lunch with a few weeks prior while in South Florida.  She passed me her card and I emailed the Master Networks member in Florida.  They were both able to connect before the meeting was over.

Most business is done locally and that is why a local networking group is so important.  But, plug into a national organization like Master Networks and that is where the power is!

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