Take time to B.O.N.D.

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It is easy to find ourselves stuck behind the desk in this fast-paced, easy access, high tech business environment. Schedule time to meet your best partners face to face for lunch or meet at their business.  Spend time mastering the skill of B.O.N.D.

Build on a common interest

Occupation Exploration

Needs discovery

Develop an opportunity

Think about when the last time was that someone called you and asked to get together to learn more about how they could help you….and they meant it!



Chas Wilson

President & Co-Founder of Master Networks


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New Regional Director – Brian Solt

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ProfileHeadshotwithsmilecroppedBrian Solt

Florida South Region

Brian has been a Southwest Florida resident for 30 years and obtained a BS degree at Florida Gulf Coast University with a concentration in entrepreneurship.  Afterwards, he held a marketing position for 12 years before becoming a licensed Florida REALTOR in 2011. Brian is also personal coach and trainer for empowerment courses that create a paradigm shift for personal growth and life balance. He spends his leisure time outdoors with activities that include boating, camping, kayaking and biking.  Brian enjoys paying his opportunities for success forward by mentoring teens through local youth programs.

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Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Your Trial

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If you haven’t tried out the free trial for Next Level Suite here are some tips on how to get the most out of your trial. Chances are you do not buy a new car without doing some research and at the very least give it a test drive. The same should be true for your Next Level Suite CRM trial. To do your research check out the You Tube Channel and FACEBOOK.

1. The trial period is a short time to really see the true value of Next Level Suite. However, set a small measurable goal for your trial period. After you see how you can quickly reach that goal imagine what you can do with unlimited time and setting bigger goals each week, month, and year.

2. CLICK HERE to schedule your private demonstration. They will ask you questions to learn more about your business, what features you are most interested in, and we will show you how you can use some of the other features based on some best practices we have picked up along the way. It will be specific to you and your business. You might even want to have a few others in the office around to see the demo too.

3. Get the office involved in the trial. Leading from #2- chances are more than one person in the office would be using Next Level Suite. The more people you have using it in the trial the more things you will learn and the better the ideas will be.

4. Add your contacts to your trial account. Yes, really import a list of clients. You do not need to import all of your contacts but import enough to be able to give it a good test run.

5. Use all of the features. Sign up for the executive account and try them all out. You do not know what you want unless you try it all out. Think BIG about how you can use each of the features.


Sign-Up for your Free Trial here


Sherry Sonnenberg

Director of Sales & Marketing at Next Level Suite


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Taking and Seeking Advice

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Taking and seeking advice is less about the advice itself and more about the person who is offering it.

I reflect on the great advice I received and acted on as a young man to follow my cousin and join the Army National Guard. The idea of joining the military never hit me until he said I should join.  I scored well on the testing and was offered a variety of roles and bonuses to join different branches of the military. I again listened to my cousin and enlisted for a job that would have me holding bags of gunpowder over my head. Needless to say I lasted 6 months and quit before leaving for Basic Training.

I could have listened to other people whose background, experiences and successes would have allowed them to provide better insight and advice. My cousin was of great intentions but not the best advisor for me.

Who are you taking advice from? What is in their background that you want to achieve? What training and education are they coming from? What are their goals and aspirations?

Before you seek and accept advice from anyone. Ask questions and learn about who they are. Next Level Coaches are a great place to start. Our Coaches are experienced, successful and certified. Don’t leave your advice up to chance, interview a Next Level Coach today!

To inquire about our coaching services or if you would like to explore becoming a Next Level Coach, contact Rich Fino, VP of Next Level Coaching; You can also request a complimentary coaching session by clicking here.




Rich Fino

VP of Next Level Coaching

Rich “Coach” Fino currently leads his own sales team and is a Productivity Coach for Keller Williams of Central PA East. Prior to Real Estate Coach lead a highly successful career in Human Resources. He served in many HR areas for various companies including AT&T, EarthLink, and Target.

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New Regional Partner – Gene Frederick

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2014-12-13_1331Gene Frederick

Texas Central

After serving as Controller for Texas Instruments in 1984, Gene left the corporate world for real estate. He sold for two small companies that were bought out by Coldwell Banker. 3 years later he joined Re/Max, and soared to become one of the Top 20 Realtors® in Texas. In 1989 He started Phoenix-based Realty Executives in Dallas, TX. Gene then sold Realty Execs and hired on with Keller Williams in Dallas as one of first 10 agents at the Dallas Preston Road Market Center.

Gene and his wife, Susan Frederick, became Team Leaders of Dallas Preston Road in 1999. They grew the office from 100 agents to 533 between 1999 and 2006. Gene was Regional Director of Virginia from 2007-2009. He later joined KW Austin NW as Team Leader, and grew the office from 320 agents to over 600 agents.

Currently he is the Operating Principle for multiple Market Centers threw out the United States.  Gene has ownership in six market centers throughout the United States and has been inducted into the Team Leader Hall of Fame.

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New Regional Partner – Jerry Walker

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JDWalker Preferred HeadshotJerry Walker

Georgia Region

Jerry ‘JD’ Walker is a recognized Author | Evangelist | Speaker.  He and his wife, Denise, make their home in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Jerry’s books, speeches, and life goals reflect his genuine desire to help women and men be better than they have been, and do more than they have done.

He strongly advocates that we all should be pursuing that dream inside each of us which leads us to be better parents, children, siblings, employers, or employees.  Jerry is the author of two books, Embrace: Meditations from A Word of Truth, and Be Known for Your D.E.E.D.S.

He currently has two more book projects underway, is a Member of the National Speakers Association, the Georgia Real Estate Educators Association, and addresses audiences in his capacity as an Author through All American Speakers.  He and Denise give back in their community by supporting the ministry, Every Woman Works (  Jerry is on the Every Woman Works Board (EWW) where he serves as the Spiritual Director, and Denise is a former EWW Board Chair who leads fundraising efforts for EWW through the Stars Dancing to Change Lives annual gala.

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New Regional Partner – Tim Paret

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(null)Tim Paret

Delaware & Maryland Region

Tim Paret started his career in finance with Wells Fargo after graduating from Penn State University with a degree in economics in 1998.  Earning several promotions, his career at Wells Fargo brought him to Delaware in 2001 where he lives today with his wife Gina, and three children, Lucas, Drew, and Maddie.

Currently, Tim is the Vice President and Regional Manager for New Penn Financial, a residential mortgage lender.  He is also Partner with Yellow Moon Homes and DGKP Properties, who’s interest include commercial and residential real estate development.  ”My success has been a result of the relationships I’ve built with Realtors and Brokers, New Home builders and Bankers.  Creating lasting and beneficial partnerships is the most important skill an entrepreneur can develop,” noted Tim.  ”That’s why I am a part of Master Networks.”

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New Regional Partner – Erik Kelly

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EK Headshot

Erik Kelly

Arizona Region

Erik has resided in the Valley of the Sun since 1996 and practiced real estate in Arizona since 2002.  He is the proud father of 3 awesome kids – Connor, Zachary & Alexis.  Erik enjoys traveling, learning, writing, personal growth, time with family & friends and a variety of sports including golf, hiking, mountain biking, waterskiing, and especially baseball.  Erik supports numerous endeavors and charitable causes in the community ranging from Phoenix Children’s Hospital to youth sports development programs. Erik loves music, and is an enthusiastic fan of The Dave Matthews Band.


In directing The Erik Kelly Group at Keller Williams Realty Phoenix, Erik’s focus is on developing business leaders who create remarkable experiences in serving our clients who buy, sell or invest in real estate. By engaging industry-leading technology with extensive research and market knowledge, our team members are equipped to find the best solutions for our client’s individual needs and circumstances.  Our purposeful commitment to continuous improvement keeps us aligned with our client’s priorities, enhances productive communication, and empowers us to consistently achieve the objectives of those we serve.

The opportunity to launch Master Networks in Arizona was a natural fit and complement to our real estate practice.   Our desire to contribute to those in our community & add value on a relational level is a top priority of our business beliefs.   We are excited to help facilitate connections among top business professionals and support them with growth opportunities – both educationally and economically!

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New Regional Partner – David McCarthy

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David McCarthy

New England Region

David McCarthy has been an active member of the greater Boston real estate community for over a decade and has since become a trusted and reliable REALTOR. David is the Operating Partner of the Keller Williams Realty Boston-Metro and Chestnut Hill offices. The Boston-Metro office has over 150 agents with locations in the Boston neighborhoods of Back Bay, South End, Charlestown and Beacon Hill. The Chestnut Hill office with over 100 agents is located in the Newton Highlands neighborhood of Newton, Massachusetts and Coolidge Corner in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Since opening in the fall of 2005, the Keller Williams Boston-Metro and Chestnut Hill office have become a dominant player in their Markets. The offices consistently gain additional market share as a result of their exceptional training and education programs offered to agents David currently serves as President-Elect for the Greater Boston Association of REALTORS.

In addition David currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS and chairs the Convention Planning Committee along with being a member of the National Association of REALTORS David also serves on the Member Communications Committee.

David is also a member of the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS) and an Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR). David is a native of Scituate and a graduate of Suffolk University. David and his partner currently reside in Milton after living in Boston’s South End neighborhood for over 14 years.


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