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Webinars are a great way to educate people on the products or services you offer. By making them educational, and not just a sales pitch, you give your customers a reason to join your webinar.  This creates more value for your customers and strengthens the relationship you have with them. They are a great way to engage your audience and show them why they cannot live without your product or service.

So many more people can attend a webinar than can attend a live event. If your customers can watch a webinar from the comfort of their home, they do not need to worry about child care, travel, or even getting out of their comfy clothes! By recording your webinar and setting it up on autoplay you are able to continue to reach people without tying your schedule. Studies have found that using webinars, and repeating those recordings, you are able to reach 300-500% more people than you would at one live event. If you are not recording you are missing all of these people. A recorded webinar is an asset that can be used repeatedly over and over, saving you time and money.


Sherry Sonnenberg

Director of Sales & Marketing at Next Level Suite

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1-3-5 GPS

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In high-stake sporting events, the team with the best game plan usually wins. For entrepreneurs the best business plan will achieve success and help them succeed at the highest possible level. The best business plans are easy to understand and act upon.  In my opinion the best business plans can be reduced to a single page.

The classic formula we use for a one-paged business plan is called the 1.3.5. GPS. This business plan is your guidance system and will take your business to its desired destination, a destination that is productive and profitable.

·         1 – The number one represents the primary goal of the plan. This is a single measurable outcome that will indicate that things have worked out as desired. The key is that the number is easy to track, and its achievement means that the venture has succeeded.

·         3 – The number three represents priorities that will most impact and determine the achievement of that one goal. They are the key priorities that will focus all of the business’ energy, resources, and creativity towards that one goal.

·         5 – The number five represents the key steps to each priority. These are the actions that need to be taken and the execution of the plan. These are things that will get done to accomplish each priority, which will lead you back to that one goal.

The creation of a 1.3.5 GPS certainly takes time and energy!  The implementation takes even more effort.  Engage with a Next Level Coach, who can hold you accountable to the creation and implementation of your 1.3.5 GPS. To request a complimentary coaching session Click here.


Chas Wilson

To read more from Chas Wilson, visit his blog here.

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Lead capture pages

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When created correctly, lead capture pages can be a great continual source of prospects for a business.  When creating your page you need to determine who you are targeting.  Are you getting new customers or repeat customers who might be interested in other products or services you might offer? Once you know whom you are targeting, define and create a relevant reward. This should be something that will be of interest to your target audience. E-books, Webinars, and consultations are always of great value to your contacts.

You will want to ensure your headline is one that will capture people’s attention and draw them in for more information. Along with the headline, your opening paragraph should be short, persuasive and descriptive.  Don’t be too creative here, you want them to know exactly what you are offering.  Adding a video or image to your lead capture page is not always necessary. However, if you were giving away an E-book an image of the front cover would be beneficial.

Lead capture pages are available in all three Next Level Suite accounts. If you have an account and have not used them yet, start implementing them today.  If you do not have an account sign up for your free trial and see where it can take you.


Sherry Sonnenberg

Director of Sales & Marketing at Next Level Suite

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Time Management: Always a Challenge

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Time management is an ever-present challenge for entrepreneurs and business leaders. There is always more to do than there is time. Although entrepreneurs tend have a sense of urgency that drives them and gives them the “can-do-make-it-happen” mentality, that same sense of urgency often gets them in trouble. It causes them to be short with people or leads them to take unwise shortcuts. Too much urgency at the wrong time can lead to careless mistakes or making unnecessary apologies. As the adage goes, “There is never enough time to be sure it’s right, but there is always enough time to do it over.”

One of the biggest indicators of business maturity is that a person can sense how much time is really needed to do something well and to do it right the first time. This maturity is usually acquired after making many mistakes and wasting lots of time. Instead of being judgmental or self-critical, simply take the opportunity to reflect on when urgency is good and when it could cause problems. The first place to gain this perspective is in your thinking and planning time. Allow enough time so that you can really think things through. By getting your ideas clear and your plans in order, you will be able to take action and give direction more effectively. Once it is clear to you, you can make it clear to others. Giving yourself enough thinking, planning, and writing time allows you to move along with fewer mistakes at a swifter speed.

If you are engaging with a business coach, this is always a great opportunity to take that time to think, talk and plan things out. If you don’t have a business coach, consider having a complimentary coaching call. Click here to request one today.


Chas Wilson

To read more from Chas Wilson, visit his blog here.

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Why would I need a customer relationship management (CRM) tool?

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“Why would I need a customer relationship management (CRM) tool?” is a common question local business owners have been asking. They quickly understand the answer once they have implemented their CRM.  They soon wonder how they ever functioned without it. Here are the Top 5 Reasons to implement a CRM in your business.

1. Your Memory is NOT Perfect. As much as you would like to remember every person – by relying on memory, sticky notes, or calendar reminders – some contacts will fall through the cracks and not receive timely communication.  You don’t want to run into them and then remember you promised a follow up!

2. Organization, Organization, Organization. Keeping communications centrally located will ensure you are organized and consistent. You can see what emails were sent to a customer, check your notes about your last conversation, and add them to the calendar for your follow up.

3. Standout. You will most likely remember those people that stand out in the crowd and did something different.  By using your CRM correctly, you can do things a little differently than your competition. Add a video or audio message to your standard email. By recording a quick “Hi Joe, it was great to meet you today. In this email are all the things we covered. I am looking forward to working with you and getting to know more about you.” This will put a face and voice with your name and definitely shows your prospects you go above and beyond.

4. Status is Important. Always knowing the “status” of your contacts is important because it allows you to focus on the stage they are in. You will talk to your current customers, friends/family, hot leads, and prospects differently. By “tagging” contacts, and knowing their status, you can customize your communication plan just for them.

5. History is Imperative. As a local business owner/leader, you spend time planning and looking at the future of your business.  You also need to look back and review your history periodically.  A CRM ensures your history of communication with your contacts is documented and organized.  If you have a staffing change or take a vacation, others can see the history and take care of your contacts and customers.


Sherry Sonnenberg

Director of Sales & Marketing at Next Level Suite

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What Seems to Happen All of a Sudden

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National Sales Trainer, Floyd Wickman once said, “It’s what you do when you don’t have to, that will determine what you become when you can no longer help it.” Essentially he is saying pay attention now or watch what happens later. What you do today will set events in motion that will have their own uncontrollable consequences later. If you don’t mind it, it won’t matter, but it will be too late to do anything about it when it does. You know this is true in life, and you have seen it happen.

People over spend and under save or they over eat and under exercise. These things have short-term actions with long-term consequences like bankruptcy and health problems. What you do now determines what will happen later, particularly in the things that really matter: health, wealth, and happiness.

This brings me to my point; things in business don’t just happen all of a sudden. When you take a closer look, you can see that events have occurred over time that have led you to where you are. They might have shown up all of a sudden, but the reality is that they have been happening over time. As entrepreneurs we are good at developing business plans and making things happen. We live by intention and accountability for outcomes. Think about the consequences of your current habits. If your habits are unhealthy, what can you do to fix them? If you recognize some habits you would like to change and would like an accountability partner, consider engaging with a Next Level Coach. To get started, click here.

Chas Wilson

To read more from Chas Wilson, visit his blog here.

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Did anyone get your email?

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So you just sent emails to your customers and leads.  Now you sit and wait and wait and wait for responses.  Did anyone get the email?  Did they look at?  Did they do something with it?  Don’t allow the fate of your emails remain a mystery.  Use a system, such as Next Level Suite (NLS), to see what your customers are viewing and when they viewed it.  In August, a new NLS feature called SmartSender, will also allow you to see when they open attachments.

SmartSender will allow you to send attachments, see when your customers opened those attachments and will also allow you to bundle multiple files together.  Feel free to send a new lead one email with a bundle:  a word document, a short video, and a voice message from you. The system is smart enough to track when they view each of these items and you can then determine their interest level.

You can also use this to communicate with your employees. For example, you create a training video and a Word document they need to view.  Send these as a bundle in NLS to track when they have completed everything. The opportunities are endless. CLICK HERE to view a You Tube video about how it works.

Sherry Sonnenberg

Director of Sales & Marketing at Next Level Suite


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Do you work with PEP?

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Do you work with PEP? Do you have Purpose, Enthusiasm, and Pizzazz in your business? These three things get you noticed and help people to remember you and what you do. They are part of what we call the Special Sauce in your business. Join us on Thursday August 13th at 10 am CDT for a free business training webinar with Dave Jenks. He will talk about P.E.P and your businesses’ Special Sauce. This fun 30-minute training will keep you engaged and provide fun, effective tips to liven up your business and how others see you. CLICK HERE to register.

Sherry Sonnenberg

Director of Sales & Marketing at Next Level Suite

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What information are you gathering?

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By using a CRM, business leaders and entrepreneurs have access to the necessary business intelligence to understand their contacts’ and customers’ behaviors.  Armed with this knowledge they know

  • which campaigns are working.

  • which customers to target with a specific offer.

  • which messages are creating action.

  • which methods of communication are working.

Gathering this type of information reduces time and money wasted on sending out the wrong promotion to the wrong customer and/or contact.  Correct use of the information allows you to create enhanced, effective and focused marketing and brand awareness.

If you need this type of business intelligence to communicate more effectively with your contacts, try out Next Level Suite for free today. See what your customers are interested in and begin to wow them by being aware of their interests and preferences.

If nothing changes, nothing changes. Take advantage of the opportunity to change what you are doing to change your business.

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Getting the Most Out Of Your Coaching Experience

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More and more people are realizing the benefits of coaching. Yet others are not having nearly the return on investment that they should. Here are a few things you need to do to maximize your return from your coaching experience:

Pick a coach that is a match for you. Consider communication style, experience, and success with past clients.  Take time to research and interview several coaches before selecting someone.

Have clear expectations of the results you are looking for.  Share your goals and document measurements of where you are now.  Periodically measure progress to the goals.  A solid baseline of results and clear goals will help keep everyone involved accountable.

Own the fact that YOU will be doing the work. Just as physical trainers can’t lift the weights for you, your coach can’t read, journal and grow for you. Commit to the process and the coach you select. Stay with it for a minimum of 6 months and evaluate from there.

For more information contact Coach Fino with Next Level Coaching at 717-571-6387 or


Rich Fino

VP of Next Level Coaching

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