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Connect Share Prosper Episode 5 – The Art of Connecting

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Chas Wilson – Episode 5 – Show Notes – Connect, Share, Prosper


Master Networks Connect

Mastering the art of connecting is critical.

In this episode, I will take you through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced skills in order to utilize the bond method for building relationships.  The bond method focuses on creating common interest in order to develop deep, long-lasting alliances.

The most important relationships in our lives take time to cultivate, as do our business relationships.  I want to stress the importance of slowing down, getting to know the person, and asking the right questions.  All of this will help to forge bonds that can last forever.

While we all understand the importance of commonality in developing bonds, these skills go much deeper than simply finding common ground. Stay curious, be genuine, ask deeper levels of questions.

Doing these simple things, in addition to showing a true interest in the person and their pursuits, are the first steps to establishing opportunities for your client and for yourself.

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We’re excited to announce our BRAND NEW PODCAST!

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We’re so excited to announce our first episode of our brand new podcast, Connect Share Prosper! Check out the video of our first episode and find and subscribe to us on iTunes! Google Play and Stitcher are coming soon.

But first, a few quick notes on this week’s episode…

Face to Face Meetings

The magic of building your network is not what you are doing in your group networking events
but what happens outside of them. One crucial part of that is having face to face meetings with
the people you are trying to form relationships with.

Be Intentional

You have to be diligent about scheduling your meetings. Try to “stack” them which means putting a few back to back on the same day. This plays into your time management and allows you to also plan introductions between other people that you are getting to know.

The B.O.N.D.Method

This method is covered in “Five Plus One: The Entrepreneurs Formula for Success”. One of the
major takeaways is to focus on connection. You need to focus on them, this will help establish
that relationship. Be curious ask things like where someone grew up or how did they get into
the business that they are in. Use a follow up question like “Could you tell me more about
that?”. You can also try to ask about their competition. Thinking about those questions will help
thinking about strategy.

Always follow up!

As you actively listen and are looking for opportunities to help, make sure that you follow up so
that you don’t lose momentum.
Take Action Now!

1. Go get “Five Plus One: The Entrepreneurs Formula for Success”
2. Learn about B.O.N.D.
3. Take action and schedule a meeting with someone.
4. Join a Master Networks chapter and get involved.


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3 Tools to Correct Stinkin’ Thinkin’

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Guest Blogger: Chris Angell


“As business owners and leaders, we are the creative designers of our ventures. We are the architects of our future. We do this most effortlessly by mastering the first discipline of business: THINKING.”  - Chas Wilson pg. 14, Five+ One

Being in business is a mentally tough journey. Despite our best efforts to stay positive, the mind can be a dark and snarky place. If we don’t master how we think, our thinking can delay or destroy the business and life we set out to create.

I’ve always been a positive person but nothing has stolen my joy more than running my own business. From managing people who disappoint to tight financial seasons or even your own judgement that you should be further than you currently are… keeping a sharp, constructive and positive mind is an non-stop act of counter-balancing.

It takes real honesty and self-awareness to acknowledge where your thinking falls short. It would be easy to just numb out scary thoughts with your guilty pleasure. I would assert that many in business do. We put on our “I have it all together” suits and go out to lead the world. So many of us don’t want to look in the shadows where our stinkin’ thinkin’ lives. And that becomes a lid on our growth and our joy.

The good news? While you don’t always control your first thought, you can control your second thought. Accessing a better mindset on command is your ticket to everything you envision for your life. Everything.

Here are 3 tools that I use to help me stop my stinkin’ thinkin’ in its tracks and create a new frame of mind.


I have used journaling the longest. Everyone does journaling different and you need to find what works for you. I don’t use it like a diary or memoir. I like to simply get my thoughts out on paper. It’s where I go to think. Sometimes I lead with my fear, frustration or negative self talk and write that down. Sometimes I ask a question I’m wrestling with. And then I just write the thoughts that come to me. Often I’ll add clarifying questions in my journal and then go back to writing the thoughts that come.

Leaving these thoughts inside my head often leave me feeling stuck. This process of getting the thoughts out of my head helps me get unstuck by confronting what’s there. Like the boogie man, it’s better to turn on the lights and see for yourself that he’s not really there than to stay in the darkness and fear where your mind can escalate the fear.


I wasn’t always a reader. It wasn’t until getting into business that I found my ravenous reader. But not all books are constructive for pulling you out of a funk. In fact, some books can push you further down. For me, How To books just make my To Do list longer, which can increase the snarky dialogue in my head, which causes me to feel more behind and less accomplished than maybe I really am.

The kind of books that really pull me out of a mental funk are the ones that speak to my soul. They put me in touch with the bigger picture and center me in my own power. Sometimes these are business books (Seth Godin books often do this for me). But more often they’re spiritual and self help books. Some of my favorite authors are Wayne Dyer, Gary Zukov and Neale Donald Walsch. When I’m feeling stuck, I will often go back to the same books and reread them.

You’ll have your own style of books and authors that stop stinkin’ thinkin’ in it tracks. Chances are you’ve already read some and if you go back in time you can feel how those books put you back into your power.


Podcasts are similar to books for me in that certain ones connect me back to my power. Again, How-To types of content can be good when I’m in productive mode, but can derail me when I’m dealing with negative thoughts.

One of the reasons I really like podcasts is that I can listen to them in the car or on my daily walks. As I listen, it’s like my brain presses pause on the negative “I feel stuck” dialogue and begins to fill with inspiration and empowered perspective. By the end of the podcast I am reoriented to my power and the negative thoughts have evaporated into thin air.

You’ll want to find a couple podcasts that connect you to your power and remind you of who you are and why you’re here. Then when you feel stuck in your thoughts, go back to these special podcasts and let them help return you to power.


Stinkin’ thinkin’ comes from a lack of empowered perspective. These 3 tools can be your epipen when you’re falling down the mental death spiral. If you don’t currently have these tools in place, play with them and find the ones that connect you to your power. We’re all geniuses. All of us are powerful. Feeling that power jump starts our vision and perspective, putting us back in the driver’s seat of our business and life.

*Looking to increase referrals? Maybe our done-for-you marketing service is a fit. You can check it out here.

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Everyone who studies or teaches or practices leadership knows that leaders make a profound difference in moments of crisis; in periods of intense change; in the early stages of an effort; in reinvigorating an initiative that has stalled. These are moments that call for extraordinary leadership, under what we would call extraordinary circumstances. There is a lot of attention paid to leaders who step into extraordinary challenges. Less attention is paid to the day-to-day leadership moments, which simply because of their frequency, can have an enormous impact on whether a leader or an organization is successful.

The majority of business leaders apply their skills in more routine interactions. These are the situations and challenges that appear daily: when leaders have to balance complex people dynamics and business dynamics; where leaders need to have perspective beyond their task or function; where leaders have to take a risk because there is limited information about the path forward. These are “leadership leverage” moments: the situations where effective leadership skills will dramatically impact business results and where leaders need to consciously focus on leading effectively.

Check out this excerpt from this week’s Training Tidbit:

“For entrepreneurs, leverage is the door of opportunity. Nearly all veteran business
owners have used leverage to get their businesses to the level of success they desire.
The belief that “one person alone can do anything significant” is a myth. The best do
not build in isolation.

In business, leverage simply means getting things done through other people. The right
people with the right talent doing the right things can cause productivity to expand and
profitability to explode. It’s a beautiful thing, and the sooner you embrace this concept
the faster you will get where you want to go.”

Everyone starts as a specialist and builds their foundation with a strong suite of specialty skills, but at a critical juncture, every young leader has to expand their perspective to lead and champion a breadth of activities far beyond their technical skills. As the business grows, founders can’t be everywhere at once or aware of what’s happening at every level throughout the organization. That’s where the leadership team comes in. Gain insight on what different departments and employees are thinking and feeling, what programs are working well and which need to be rethought and stay informed on different operations.

Leaders have to see far beyond today and far beyond their expertise. Leverage your team’s detailed view of its business to improve, inform and drive plans for growth. This team exists to help boost the leader to the next level of operating the company. So, if you’re the leader, help team members do exactly that.

Head to your chapter meeting this week to hear more about this week’s Training Tidbit.


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Team Building

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When you decide to grow a business, you are making a commitment to building a team. Even if you start as a solo entrepreneur or a freelance service provider, you are eventually going to need help. You’ll need other vendors to provide you things you can’t or don’t want to do yourself. You’ll likely become an employer as you grow. All of this is on the right path and allows you to get more done, serve more people, and get more dollars per hour. In the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Stephen Covey calls this habit number 6, Synergize. What he means is that we accomplish more when we work with and through others. I call this the fifth business discipline, Team building.

Entrepreneurs multiply their results and earn more income as they add talented people to their business team. It will free them up to do what they do best and get paid the most for. It attracts specialized talent: administrative, sales, service, and technical people, who will then do the best possible job at each of their specialties.

Mastering the fifth discipline, Team building, requires learning how to find talent, attract talent, make good hires, and then inspire performance and create teamwork and culture. The ultimate skill of master entrepreneurs is the power of leadership and networking. People aren’t born leaders they learn to be leaders. Where are you on the path of team building and leadership mastery? Focus on this because it will bring long-term rewards.

When it comes to Team Building, also think about adding a talented, qualified business coach. They will add great value to your team and help you through the hunting, hiring and growth of new team members. Click here to request a complimentary coaching call from one of our Next Level Coaches today.

~ Chas Wilson

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What is your business’s greatest asset? YOU

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While customers and clients are important and great employees are valuable, the most important asset in your business is you.

You are the source of the vision, business direction, tenacity, and energy.  What are you doing to grow that asset? Who motivates the motivator? Who leads the leader? Owning a business and being an entrepreneur is a tough game to play. They say it’s lonely at the top because that’s where the buck stops and tough decisions are made. So, where do you go for advice? Who gives you encouragement? Where does your learning and wisdom come from?

Entrepreneurs and business leaders must build their own support systems. They must find great sources for learning, seek role models and mentors, and create a support group. Often it is worthwhile to build a board of advisors, not necessarily a formal board of directors, but a group of colleagues that you respect. You need people that you can meet with regularly to share advice, and are accessible at any time to discuss pressing issues.

The key is to value yourself as an asset, an asset that you want to grow, improve, and nurture over time. Don’t wait until it is too late; take time to assess the support network that you have in place. Ask yourself what or who would make it even stronger. In the long run you will be very glad you did, and so will the people who count on you to be their provider, leader, and guide. ​Engage with a Next Level Coach, who can help you grow and improve. To request a complimentary coaching session Click here.


Chas Wilson

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1-3-5 GPS

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In high-stake sporting events, the team with the best game plan usually wins. For entrepreneurs the best business plan will achieve success and help them succeed at the highest possible level. The best business plans are easy to understand and act upon.  In my opinion the best business plans can be reduced to a single page.

The classic formula we use for a one-paged business plan is called the 1.3.5. GPS. This business plan is your guidance system and will take your business to its desired destination, a destination that is productive and profitable.

·         1 – The number one represents the primary goal of the plan. This is a single measurable outcome that will indicate that things have worked out as desired. The key is that the number is easy to track, and its achievement means that the venture has succeeded.

·         3 – The number three represents priorities that will most impact and determine the achievement of that one goal. They are the key priorities that will focus all of the business’ energy, resources, and creativity towards that one goal.

·         5 – The number five represents the key steps to each priority. These are the actions that need to be taken and the execution of the plan. These are things that will get done to accomplish each priority, which will lead you back to that one goal.

The creation of a 1.3.5 GPS certainly takes time and energy!  The implementation takes even more effort.  Engage with a Next Level Coach, who can hold you accountable to the creation and implementation of your 1.3.5 GPS. To request a complimentary coaching session Click here.


Chas Wilson

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Time Management: Always a Challenge

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Time management is an ever-present challenge for entrepreneurs and business leaders. There is always more to do than there is time. Although entrepreneurs tend have a sense of urgency that drives them and gives them the “can-do-make-it-happen” mentality, that same sense of urgency often gets them in trouble. It causes them to be short with people or leads them to take unwise shortcuts. Too much urgency at the wrong time can lead to careless mistakes or making unnecessary apologies. As the adage goes, “There is never enough time to be sure it’s right, but there is always enough time to do it over.”

One of the biggest indicators of business maturity is that a person can sense how much time is really needed to do something well and to do it right the first time. This maturity is usually acquired after making many mistakes and wasting lots of time. Instead of being judgmental or self-critical, simply take the opportunity to reflect on when urgency is good and when it could cause problems. The first place to gain this perspective is in your thinking and planning time. Allow enough time so that you can really think things through. By getting your ideas clear and your plans in order, you will be able to take action and give direction more effectively. Once it is clear to you, you can make it clear to others. Giving yourself enough thinking, planning, and writing time allows you to move along with fewer mistakes at a swifter speed.

If you are engaging with a business coach, this is always a great opportunity to take that time to think, talk and plan things out. If you don’t have a business coach, consider having a complimentary coaching call. Click here to request one today.


Chas Wilson

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What Seems to Happen All of a Sudden

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National Sales Trainer, Floyd Wickman once said, “It’s what you do when you don’t have to, that will determine what you become when you can no longer help it.” Essentially he is saying pay attention now or watch what happens later. What you do today will set events in motion that will have their own uncontrollable consequences later. If you don’t mind it, it won’t matter, but it will be too late to do anything about it when it does. You know this is true in life, and you have seen it happen.

People over spend and under save or they over eat and under exercise. These things have short-term actions with long-term consequences like bankruptcy and health problems. What you do now determines what will happen later, particularly in the things that really matter: health, wealth, and happiness.

This brings me to my point; things in business don’t just happen all of a sudden. When you take a closer look, you can see that events have occurred over time that have led you to where you are. They might have shown up all of a sudden, but the reality is that they have been happening over time. As entrepreneurs we are good at developing business plans and making things happen. We live by intention and accountability for outcomes. Think about the consequences of your current habits. If your habits are unhealthy, what can you do to fix them? If you recognize some habits you would like to change and would like an accountability partner, consider engaging with a Next Level Coach. To get started, click here.

Chas Wilson

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New Regional Partner – Sue Dericks

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Sue 1

Sue Dericks

Gulf Coast Region

Sue has been a resident of Mandeville, Louisiana (Northshore of Lake Ponchartrain) since 1996, with her husband John, and their 2 sons, Robbie and Tommy.  Having been originally from the Northeast and transferring from New Jersey to Chicago with Sears Roebuck and then to Louisiana, also with Sears, Sue and her family have had 3 decades of possessing the natural ability to meet people and create relationships.


After leaving her 20 year career in retail to spend more time with her family, Sue found her natural love in Real Estate.  Licensed since 2004, Sue has continually ranked in the top 10% of brokerage, region, board and company performance with Keller Williams Realty.

A natural leader, trainer, educator and mentor, Sue’s passion of assisting people in reaching their goals through mentoring and educating, has truly led to an incredible opportunity to be part of the Master Networks Community.  With many years of leading networking chapters, Sue is fully equipped to assist in providing outstanding experiences for those who desire the ability to reach greater levels of building their business through relationship building and Networking with the Masters!


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