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    Chas Wilson

    President & Co-Founder

    Chas is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and out of the box thinking.  He has spent many years consulting small business owners and sales professionals.  Chas has a passion for helping small businesses succeed.  He brings energy, fun, excitement, to the vision and mission of the organization.
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    Ed LeQuire


    Ed LeQuire is frequently referred to as a great connector.  His success in growing multiple businesses has been because of his ability to attract, lead and encourage great talent.  Ed has led many networking chapters, leads groups and council’s with a strong sense of purpose.  He has been instrumental in the growth and stability of his chapters.
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    Katelyn Porter

    Director of Operations

    Katelyn has a background in customer service across several industries and demonstrates incredible problem solving skills. She builds and implements systems that make networking and business growth easier for our members.  She has a very upbeat and uplifting personality and is eager to help your business succeed.
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    Sara Bunge

    Director of Training & Development

    Sara Bunge has been a self-proclaimed education geek for over 18 years!  She has experienced first-hand what training and education can do for a person and is excited when others experience this as well. Sara works hard to help participants gain at least one “aha” moment that can help transform their work and/or personal life.
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    Jessica Clark

    Member Support Specialist

    Jessica has an energetic personality and is a skilled problem solver, making her a great fit in the role of Member Support Specialist. She enjoys helping members troubleshoot with log-in issues, teaching them to maneuver through the systems and implementing chapter updates. Her 15+ years of executive administration gives her the multi-tasking skills needed to succeed in this position.
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    Josey Jagielo

    Video Production

    Josey has always had a passion for video and film and has already done inspiring work with Master Networks in the few short weeks she has been with our team. As a recent graduate from the University of North Texas with a degree in Radio, TV, and Film, she is excited to expand her skills and knowledge as Master Networks’ newest videographer and editor.
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    Caiti Lumpkin

    Video Production

    Caiti’s authenticity and passion for visual story telling make her an incredible asset to our team. She studied Media Production at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) and continues to learn and grow her craft every day. Caiti aspires to create high-quality video content that spreads the value of Master Networks “to infinity and beyond.”

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