1-3-5 GPS

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In high-stake sporting events, the team with the best game plan usually wins. For entrepreneurs the best business plan will achieve success and help them succeed at the highest possible level. The best business plans are easy to understand and act upon.  In my opinion the best business plans can be reduced to a single page.

The classic formula we use for a one-paged business plan is called the 1.3.5. GPS. This business plan is your guidance system and will take your business to its desired destination, a destination that is productive and profitable.

·         1 – The number one represents the primary goal of the plan. This is a single measurable outcome that will indicate that things have worked out as desired. The key is that the number is easy to track, and its achievement means that the venture has succeeded.

·         3 – The number three represents priorities that will most impact and determine the achievement of that one goal. They are the key priorities that will focus all of the business’ energy, resources, and creativity towards that one goal.

·         5 – The number five represents the key steps to each priority. These are the actions that need to be taken and the execution of the plan. These are things that will get done to accomplish each priority, which will lead you back to that one goal.

The creation of a 1.3.5 GPS certainly takes time and energy!  The implementation takes even more effort.  Engage with a Next Level Coach, who can hold you accountable to the creation and implementation of your 1.3.5 GPS. To request a complimentary coaching session Click here.


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